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As part of the NACE goals, a certification program is offered in which members can become NACE Certified as a Code Enforcement Officer. This is a voluntary program offered once a year during the NACE Annual Conference.

The certification program encourages professionalism and is designed to demonstrate a member's knowledge of national and local codes and is a mechanism that jurisdictions can use when evaluating individuals.

The areas of study for the NACE Certification test are:

                1998 International Zoning Code
                Definitions; Residential Zones; General Provisions; Special  Regulations

                2000 International Property Maintenance Code
                Administration; Definitions; General Requirements; Light, Ventilation &
                Occupancy Limitations; Fire Safety RequirementsMechanical and Electrical                 Requirements

The test is conducted open book.  The only materials allowed in the  test area will be the reference materials listed above and/or newer editions. 

The test consists of  fifty-five questions and is one-hour and forty-five-minutes in duration.  A passing score of 76 is required to become certified. The scores are raw scores and are not weighted.  

Certificates will be mailed two to three weeks following testing.

You will be notified of your score, only if you do not pass.


Renewal of NACE Certification is required every three years.  Renewal is based on the accumulation of Continuing Education Units or CEU's.

Renewal will require 20 CEU's over the three year period leading to renewal.

CEU's are based on the following:

Annual NACE Training & Education Conference2 CEUs for each workshop attended
AACE Annual Training & Education Conference2 CEUs for each workshop attended
EDUCODE Annual Training2 CEUs for each workshop attended
NACE Training Meetings2 CEUs per meeting
Holding an elected position in NACE or AACE2 CEUs per year
Employment as a Code Enforcement Officer2 CEUs per year
Article published in trade paper or magazine2 CEUs

Certificate holders will be required to submit proof of CEU's within three months of the expiration date (Date of Issue) or before three months after.

Certificate holders are required to contact NACE and submit the information.  NACE will not notify certificate holders when their renewal is about to expire.  It is up to the certificate holder.

Certificate holders need only to send a letter and list the number of CEUs and type to NACE.  If NACE feels there is a need for further verification, certificate holders will be required to produce documented proof.  Please do not send documents with he request for renewal letter.